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This site has been produced by the BEAMA Heating Controls Group, the members of which are manufacturers and/or suppliers of controls used in heating and hot water systems and for wider control of the internal environment of residential buildings.

Membership of BEAMA Heating Controls ensures that a company is reputable, committed to high standards and focussed on producing high quality products that:


  • Meet all relevant European and British standards, comply with testing regimes, and have been produced in a quality assured factory to help traceability.

  • Are suitable for application in systems to meet the current building regulations and other relevant directives and regulations for buildings.

  • Have robust warranties / guarantees and are supported in the UK for customers.

You can find out more by clicking the links below:

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This website is subject to the copyright of BEAMA Ltd. While the information herein has been compiled in good faith, no warranty is given or should be implied for its use and BEAMA hereby disclaims any liability that may arise from its use to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law.

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