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Cylinder thermostat

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(Note: This only applies if you have a hot water cylinder connected to your heating system.)

What does a cylinder thermostat do?

The cylinder thermostat controls the overall temperature of your hot water. It monitors the temperature of the water in the cylinder and turns the boiler on and off so that the water temperature matches the set point. Remember: During ‘off’ periods for hot water set by the programmer, the boiler will not heat the water, even if requested by the cylinder thermostat.

How should I use the cylinder thermostat?

An ideal temperature setting is between 60 degrees C and 65 degrees C, which is hot enough to kill of any harmful bacteria in the water. However, note that these temperatures can cause scalding, so you should still be careful with hot water straight out of the tap.


Tip: setting your hot water cylinder to the maximum temperature is unnecessary and will only waste energy!

Other control types:
Room thermostat
Thermostatic radiator valves


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