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Estimated heating bill savings

The table below provides estimates of the potential savings on heating bills through the application of a number of heating control upgrades in a range of house types.

The top half of the table shows the estimated annual savings, which are those you could expect to make this Winter. The bottom half of the table shows the savings over the expected lifetime of the new heating controls after they were installed - this is typically 15 years.

Estimated fuel bill savings from heating controls .jpg

The estimated savings are based on the average price for gas of 10p per kWh under the Energy Price Guarantee from 1 October 2022. It is assumed that this price of gas remains the same over the lifetime of these measures. The lifetime is assumed to be 15 years.

The calculation of the annual gas used for heating can be found on the BEAMA website .

Potential energy savings for TRVs, load and weather compensation are based on tests, the details of which can be found on the BEAMA website . Savings from smart control are based on a study by the Behavioural Insights Team. A description of the reference temperature control classes (I, IV, V and VI) can be found on the BEAMA website.

The total energy saving for ‘full upgrade 1’ and ‘full upgrade 2’ is based on each of the measures referenced for the upgrade being carried out in the order they are stated.

All savings are compared to a house with a baseline of a basic timeclock, a Class 1 on/off room thermostat and manual radiator valves. Heating costs are based on homes with average levels of insulation.

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